Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Newquay Zoo

I think it goes without saying that the Zebra loves a visit to the zoo!

I know a lot of people have negative ideas of zoo's and the thought of animals being caged up is never nice. However, a good zoo is involved in conservation and breeding in order to protect species in the wild and educate the public in how they can help.

Newquay zoo are involved in lots of breeding programmes and the animals all seem happy and well cared for. I'm pleased to say I didn't see any animals displaying signs of frustration or boredom like I have in other places.

If your visiting over the winter, it's worth taking advantage of the Pushchair Monday's. 
Tickets the rest of the week are at the standard price - £13.30 adults, £10.10 child, Free under 3's. 

Also, the zoo doesn't have its own car park, but shares a public council run car park. Be aware it is not free to park after March 22nd and can cost £6 for a days parking.

Once your in the park, there is so much to see and explore! It is clean and well maintained, with lots of peacocks and other birds roaming the grounds.

There are many monkeys here, all having large inside and outside enclosures. They are all bright and curious and love coming right up to get a proper look at the Zebra!

We were very exited to see some real life zebra's, but had a disappointment. Obviously in February the weather is a little chilly and not a single Zebra was out. The Africans plains looked more Cornish Farm. I understand being winter will mean less animals wanting to be outside, but as the entrance price is the same regardless of time of year, it seems poor value. Maybe there could webcams in the stables so we could at least see what they are up to.

One area which is always a hit, is the small animal zone. There are some of he biggest rabbits we've ever seen, sleepy piggies snoring away, and a fab yard where the Zebra could get right up and pet the goats.
Word of warning, do not run up to a goat with your arms outstretched wanting a cuddle as they will charge right back at you!!!

Everyone loves to see the lions, and Newquay has a male and two females. It was lovely to see the girls jumping and playing, showing no signs of pacing or distress. 

Mummy's favourite is always the Penguins, and they clearly did not mind the cold weather! There are lots of glass viewing points in the wall, allowing little people a good view of the pool which is great.

We normally love the warm rainforest house, but most of it was closed for refurbishment. It also seemed most of toad hall was empty, I can only assume because of the time year. 
I appreciate this is normal and can not be helped, but I still feel winter prices should reflect this all week, not just a Monday.

There are two lovely play areas at the zoo, however both are aimed at older children. The toddlers loved this slide near the Penguins, but watch out as it is super fast and we must have seen at least 5 other children zoom down and go face first into the mud.

At he top of the African plains is an amazing wooden assault course. Though she be but little, she is fierce... And nothing stopped this Zebra having a go round!

We were exited to try out the dragon maze, but was rather confused - There is no map or explanation at the entrance, and after a lot of time exploring, we always ended up back at the same entrance. A walk round the maze, and we still could not find another entrance! There were also lots of places that looked liked paths, but actually were large gaps in the hedges that ended up outside the maze in random clearings. 

There is a small cafe at the zoo, but it is very small! All pushchairs have to be left outside. Outside, there is lots of seating next to the most lovely lake full of ducks and birds. In the middle, is an island with lemurs! It was great watching them while munching our sandwiches. There were also lots of cheeky peacocks who liked the look of our packed lunch!

Over all, we had a lovely day and most importantly the animals all seem happy and very well cared for. We would recommend a visit, but would advise to take advantage of the pushchair Monday offer...


  1. Its great reading about Newquay and Cornwall. We visit every year and look forward to our zoo visit.

    1. Thank you Nikki :) we feel very lucky to live in such a fab part of the world!