Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Snakes on a plane - We've been overrun with slithery serpents!!

We had to spend a whole day waiting in for a delivery (the first warm sunny day in forever!) so needed lots to keep us busy. I've found three fab snakes, that kept both the Zebra and Mummy occupied all day.

Stick the bubble wrap to a rolling pin and then cover with paint before rolling over the paper plate. We did a bottom layer of brown & yellow, then a top layer of green. This gives a great snake effect, especially with the scale-like print from the bubble wrap.

When it's dry, cut the plate into a spiral, and shape the ends into a head and tail. Pop on some eyes and you have a tree snake! 

Cut the egg box down the middle, and on one section, cut off the end segment. Round out the sides and edges to give a smooth snake look. 
The Zebra loves mixing colours, so I use an ice cube tray to give her lots of different shades to play with.

When this one is dry, just stick on a tongue and some eyes, and you have a wiggly tropical snake!

Use green paint to cover the tube. The Zebra used paintbrushes, hands and bubble wrap to make different patterns in the paint. 

Again, wait for it to dry! Then cut a spiral along the tube from one end to the other. Start back at the same place, but a few inches in, and cut the spiral again to the other end. Shape the ends into heads and tails, stick the eyes on, and you have two coiled snakes!

I hope this hasn't been too sssssscary for anyone!

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