Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Accidental Christmas decorations

I've had a little bucket of shells in the cupboard for a while now and wasn't sure what to do with them. Being a stones-throw from the beach means we can get more at anytime so we usually just play with them till they crack or get stepped on.
I've also have some rubbish finger paints so thought I'd throw the two together and see what happens. The paint will just make paper wet and vaguely stain it a dull colour.
The Zebra really enjoyed painting the inside and outside of the shells
She would also paint the paper and push the shells around the coloured parts 
Next we got a pot of glue to dip the shells into, before putting in a clean bowl.
Out comes the glitter! The Zebra loves getting her glue covered hands all sparkly 
Shake it all about to make sure each shell is covered, before leaving them all to dry
The glittery shells looked pretty, and the green and red was really Christmassy. I grabbed some ribbon and superglue, turning them into quick tree decorations..
While I did the finishing touches, the Zebra played with the shells and finger paints some more 
I clearly should have been paying more attention as it wasn't long until she had painted her feet and started making foot prints!! At least she had good fun

5 Minutes of Fun - Pom Poms

Alongside our big craft projects, we also do lots of mini-activities. They generally entertain the Zebra for long enough for me drink a cuppa while it's still warm...
They are simple, basic, open-ended play activities which are fun!

Today - Pom-poms and toilet rolls!