Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Tree Plates

Another quick and easy make to occupy the Zebra in this rubbish weather!

I got three paper plates and painted them green. I then let the Zebra loose with different paints 
As our tree is gold and red, we used matching paints 
For the final paper, I squirted on some PVA and gave her the shaking glitter
Once dried, I cut the plates into thirds and stuck onto a strip of cardboard.
As easy as that! 

Christmas Cards

We made our Christmas cards a while ago but I've held back from posting so people could receive them first!
Cut an A4 piece of black card into 3. Bend it in half to make the card, and paint the front with PVA glue and then cover in glitter
Take some sheets of green card and swish patterns of glue all across
Shake glitter across all the glue
Leave everything to dry! Be warned, it gets messy as there is a lot of glitter.. 
Cut the green card into Christmas Tree shapes
Stick the tree to the card, make a star ontop with some glitter glue, and use cotton wool for the snow!

There was much more work from Mummy than the Zebra on these cards, but they look cute and there are many more years ahead for her to design her own!

Toddler Ice Play, Eden Project, Cornwall

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to Liz, Tony, and C.O.P.S for arranging yet another amazing day out! The Zebra and I are very grateful that we get to make such fun memories with lovely company :) thank you x
The Eden Project always come up with some fab events and is a brilliant setting to spend the day - so much room for little legs to run around, even in the rain
I didn't understand how toddler ice play would work at first and it seems a bit dangerous. However, it works and it works well! Everyone (including the parents) had so much fun and not a single injury amongst us. I even had a good run about and my clumsy bum didn't touch ice once...
For total contrast to the ice play, we visited the rainforest biome. We discovered snowmen, birds and bananas, and found that lots of ants run out if you stick your finger in wooden holes...