Monday, 18 January 2016

Arctic Fox

Brrrr!! It's some cold out there still!! We haven't been lucky enough to have snow down here in Cornwall, but that didn't stop us making a snowy fox...

Cotton wool and paper plates are the main materials, but, as always, we like to throw in some glitter and googley eyes! 

As this is a relatively clean craft, the Zebra was more than happy to wear her apron(!) She loves to 'dip-dip' and was content covering a whole plate in cotton wool.

The Zebra got a by confused with the glitter glue today and tried splatting her hand on to make handprints - however she just scraped the glue off and ended up with very silver glittery hands!!

Once dry, you need to cut the plates into the fox. The cotton wool needs to be cut into half to make the body, and then a quarter for the head.
From the glitter, cut 4 rectangles for legs, 2 triangles for ears, and a sausage shape for the tail.

Glue the parts together and add the eyes and nose and there you have it! One super sweet and sparkly Arctic Fox.