Saturday, 2 January 2016

"Create a Treat" ornament cookie kit

One of the many present the Zebra received for Christmas was this biscuit decorating pack. The product is dated May 2016 so it won't keep till next year, so we decided to give it a go on our first baking Saturday of the year!

The pack is pretty basic, and although I don't know how much it cost to buy, we could have made it from scratch, in minutes, for pennies.

As soon as the Zebra saw the pack of brightly coloured sugar strands, she went into full blown tantrum until she was allowed to hold them. 
I cut the corner of one pack of icing and showed her how to squeeze it out onto the biscuit. However, it was so thick if just slowly gloobs out in big chunks.

I managed to smear a bit of the icing around and then opened the sprinkles. The whole pack got dumped over one biscuit. Then the feeding frenzy began. Once she had tasted the sugar it was too late, there was no stopping her.
Time to give up and clean up!

I managed to press two biscuits onto the scattered sprinkles and we will have them for dessert later. After a quick taste of the icing - I don't have high hopes!

Would I recommend this product for a toddler? No. Would I recommend for older children. No. 
This is the first ready-made pack we have used and I'm most disappointed.