Thursday, 7 January 2016

Jelly Play

This post contains scenes of an extreme messy nature!!

As the Zebra has eaten jelly on a few occasions now, I wasn't sure if she would explore this activity, or just munch the bowl!

To try and add something extra to the bowl, I layered two flavours of jelly, setting in some animals in each one. 
I set the bowl and some toys up on the table and told the Zebra there were animals hiding in the kitchen she needed to find...

She was quite exited at the sight!

But the first thing she did was eat the jelly...

It wasn't long until she was trying to set all the animals free - and giving them a good clean!

As with everything sensory, it was only a matter of time before her feet got involved. She just loves different textures on her toes, much more than her hands.

There was lots of digging and scooping and covering, all helping with fine motor skills, and she was soon having so much fun she forgot to eat it...

For a few minutes anyway!