Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Egg Chicks

Cheep cheep!! It's nearly Easter and we all know it's more fun to find a chick in your egg than chocolate... 

It's not like me to buy pre-made crafts, but I found such fun stuff in The Range I just couldn't help myself! 
However, what I thought was a big bag of yellow feathers turned out to be a feather boa... Because what is Easter without dressing up like a sexy bird?!

Cover the foam chicks in PVA glue...

...then go crazy with the feathers - Make sure you wash any glue from your hands first! 

Once they are totally covered in feathers, put them to one side.

Once the chicks have dried, add some googely eyes and a triangle of orange paper for the beak.

Cut a zig-zag across the egg so the chick can hide inside.

Aren't they just the cutest?! 

And there are so many different designs you could try - the egg can also be decorated!