Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet tweet tweet!! So it would seem today is national bird day (thanks again Google!), which makes another great theme for some crafts. I don't really know many birds so thought I'd go with the English robin and a colourful parrot.

As always, just basic materials needed - white paper can be used but I went for green and blue card - green jungle for the parrot and blue wishy-washy winter sky for the robin.
The Zebra loves nothing more than painting with her hands and feet and was more than pleased for me to paint the blue and yellow to make the parrots body 

After you've made your foot print, paint the hand with yellow and blue. Put the palm of the hand onto the toes, so the fingers point down and create tail feathers.

The robins are much easier, just two brown footprints! Use each foot once so the birds are looking at each other on paper.

Add a brown branch, orange beak and googley eye to complete the parrot...

...and a red tummy in the foot instep, orange beak and googley eyes for the robins!

While I finished the birds, I let the Zebra have some good free-play with the paints - she really does love it!