Friday, 18 December 2015

Toddler Ice Play, Eden Project, Cornwall

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to Liz, Tony, and C.O.P.S for arranging yet another amazing day out! The Zebra and I are very grateful that we get to make such fun memories with lovely company :) thank you x
The Eden Project always come up with some fab events and is a brilliant setting to spend the day - so much room for little legs to run around, even in the rain
I didn't understand how toddler ice play would work at first and it seems a bit dangerous. However, it works and it works well! Everyone (including the parents) had so much fun and not a single injury amongst us. I even had a good run about and my clumsy bum didn't touch ice once...
For total contrast to the ice play, we visited the rainforest biome. We discovered snowmen, birds and bananas, and found that lots of ants run out if you stick your finger in wooden holes...


  1. Oh my god how adorable baby. Such an amazing toodles.

  2. Look how amazing! That seems like a really fun day for you guys!