Saturday, 20 February 2016

Fruit Sushi

Just a quick post today I'm afraid! Saturday's are usually our baking day, but I'm going to share our breakfast instead...

Fruit sushi is so yummy, and actually healthy - this adults breakfast is just 314 calories. 

Grab some whole grain cereals, such as cheerio's, and blitz in a blender till they are like breadcrumbs. Then grab a banana and cover in peanut butter. Roll the banana in the breadcrumbs until fully layered. Pop on a plate and cut into segments.

Put the left over cereal-breadcrumbs back into the blender and add some yogurt and fruit. Whizz until smooth, then serve with the banana as a dip.

So quick and simple, and goes down a treat! 

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  1. Hi there I'm new to blogging. That looks lush and I will give that a whirl soon :)