Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American mamas! Hope your having a great day :) 
I am very thankful for all that I have right now - although it my not be a lot materially, I have the sweetest, funniest, grumpiest Zebra I could ever ask!

Enough with the sentiments, and onto the crafts! 
Let's start with food, because we love playing with our food here! On the menu for lunch is a turkey sandwich with apple and cucumber feathers. This turkey is thankful for his pots of cheese, raisins and crackers.
The Zebra is thankful I remembered to take the googley eyes off before she started eating!
We had three different craft activities this afternoon, a wreath, a turkey and corn. 
The wreath was a very quick and easy make. The only preparation needed was to cut the middle out of the paper plate.
Spread glue all around the plate wreath
After you've finished tickling and playing with the feathers, stick them onto the plate.
It's also fun to throw the feathers up and let them land, before squishing them into the glue.
Once it's all dry, the wreath can be popped up on the wall! 

The Zebra did her painting for the turkey and corn all at the same time, and then mummy finished them off once she was in bed and it had all dried.
To get the corn and feather effect, I used yellow, orange and brown paint layered on the paper. Use Pritt-stick to glue bubble wrap onto a rolling pin, then paint on a colour.
I used brown first as it's the darkest colour and made a good base for both projects.
After that was the red 
Followed by the yellow. The Zebra had great fun applying the colour, it was a very quick and easy way to get the whole pieces of paper covered. The texture of bubbles and paint on the pin was also great for her to play and explore 
After we had several piece of printed paper, it was time for free play with the paints! 
Once the prints had all dried it was time for mummy to do her thing! 
To make the corn, cut one print into a sausage shape. Using some green paper, cut out the shape of the leaves. Stick it all together and your done!
For the turkey, cut out a template for the wing - it should be about 1/3 of a piece of A4 paper.
Cut out 8 feathers, trying to get the most coloured parts of the prints.
Using brown paper, cut out a peanut shape, with the top half slightly smaller.
Arrange the feathers around the body and glue on. Using scraps from the prints, cut out two legs and a beak. Pop on some googley eyes and use a feather for the snood!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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