Friday, 27 November 2015

Foam Christmas Trees

We might not have our tree up yet but we can start making decorations ready for it!
I bought a muktipack of green foam trees from The Range but you could also cut them out of green paper. I wanted the session to be more about exploratory fun for the Zebra so I found lots of different textures for decorations; Pom Poms, glitter, feathers, petals, and roll paint. Any colours can be used but I went for a red festive theme 
We used the roller stick of paint first. The Zebra really enjoys footprint painting right now so it wasn't long before her toes got into the action! 
When not distracted by Frozen, we used pritt-stick for the feathers
The Zebra used a paintbrush to get PVA glue onti the tree before sticking on the petals
The Pom-Poms were too small for the Zebra to stick on individually so she would drop handfuls onto the PVA covered tree 
Saving the best for last...time to shake-shake glitter onto the glue! 
Because of the variety of materials used today, the Zebra was kept amused for ages! 
can't wait for the tree to go up and these decorations to hang on the branches :) 

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