Monday, 23 November 2015

Pine Cone Trees

This was more a craft for mummy but the Zebra got to have a fun painting session! 

This year I want to try and make as many of our Christmas decorations as we can - they feel more special and means I don't have to spend loads of money on junk.

I found some lovely pines, and after cooking them for about 40 minutes, they smelt and looked lovely.
Cooking the cones help kill any bugs and also makes them open up. This is a before and after from one of the cones:
After leaving them to cool overnight I mixed up some green paint and threw some glitter in.
Now the fun bit! We had a good play with the cones, it's the first time the Zebra has ever held a pine cone and she had exploring the textures.
We grabbed a couple of brushes and set to work painting the cones green.
After the Zebra had gone to bed and the cones had dried, it was time for mummy to transform them into trees. I glued a strip of ribbon to a toilet roll tube and then glued the cones on top.
It really is that simple! They can be left like this or full decorated. I have popped some red butterflies on top and am really happy with the finished product 

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