Monday, 9 November 2015

Potato prints

After finding some very old potatoes buried in my vegetable rack I decided today was a good day for trying potato print painting! 

After cutting off the shoots, the potatoes are halved, and then handles cut into the top of each one.

Next the tricky bit - cutting the bottoms into shapes. Despite starting with 8 stamps I was only able to make 4 prints! The biggest tip I can give is remember anything you cut will print with a mirror image - my Z looks great in potato, but was backwards once printed!

I wanted to go for two different types of picture, so we did:

*Paint on white paper  
*PVA glue on black paper 

While the glue was still wet we sprinkled white glitter all over, hoping for a zebra effect.

 It was lots of fun but with the backwards Z, it came out more as bright splodges

The painting was great fun and kept her occupied a good 20 minutes.

The more she stamped, the more the paint mixed and gave some really funky prints 

There was more dragging than printing but it was a good fun session with some pretty prints 

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