Monday, 4 April 2016

Springfields Fun Park

A big thank you to Springfields for our recent invitation and the fun-filled day we had at their park! 

Growing up in Cornwall, Springfields was always my favourite place to visit - even spending my birthday trips here! 
However, I held back from visiting with the Zebra due to local feedback that the park had become run down and unloved. 

Before arriving it was great to find out that the park had not only changed ownership, but that there had been a lot of restoration work carried out over the winter.

First impressions of the park were great! The ticket office is inside the big play barn, a bright and colour soft play area filled with all sorts of activities - the Zebra was champing at the bit to get in and explore...

There is a 2 story play structure which the Zebra was soon climbing and jumping all around. 

The Enchanted Wood is a psychedelic  experience of miniature houses and slides in trees... 

Like any good soft play area there are some big slides to whizz down! The Zebra is to small for the drop slide but was brave enough to take on the waves all on her own! 

What we liked most about the play barn is all the imaginative and pretend play activities - some of our favourites were the houses, kitchens and buses! 

We left the playbarn just in time to see the baby lambs being bottle fed! The children are given a bottle and allowed to actually feed them which is so adorable. We arrived a little late so wasn't able to hold a bottle, but one of the staff members let the Zebra meet and stroke a baby instead. 

There are lots of other animals to feed as you walk round the park - but please buy the proper food on sale at the ticket office! 

With the sun out and only a few clouds in the sky, it was time to really explore the grounds of the park. I'm glad to say it did not seem run down in any way, with lots of different areas all in good condition - some even seemed brand new.

The first part of the park had some big, enclosed trampolines which the Zebra spent a long time bouncing on! There are also lots of wooden play centres which give a great natural feel to the park. The bell in the front of the train was a big hit with all the little people and the pirate ship has a wonderful slide.

Once the Zebra spotted the ponies, no amount of playgrounds would keep her distracted! It was great to see the ponies brought up and brushed down in front of the children, showing the basics behind pony care. 
There was a pony grooming session later in the yard but we unfortunately missed this!

There are two different options for the pony rides: £2 around the paddock or £4 around the lake. I can't help but feel the prices are a little high, especially as we was at a nearby centre the same week which did similar rides for £1. 

There are no complaints from this Zebra about the actual pony ride! She adores the horses and was a natural in the saddle. We did both the paddock and lake walk, both times the staff were so friendly and good with the Zebra, and both walks are very pretty. 

It's not just ponies that you can ride - there is also a great train ride that goes around the park. The tour guide was fantastic and got all the children signing as well as talking through the sights of the park 

At the far end of the park, is an island with a moat. I have vague memories of this being a bunny mountain many years ago with rabbits roaming free - it would be interesting to see if any one else remembers this! 

After our recent success with a canoe, I thought it would be just as easy in a row boat... It really wasn't!! 

I might not be much of a sailor, but the Zebra really enjoyed bouncing from bank to bank, and it was so pretty I didn't mind much either 

Once back on dry land, we crossed the bridge for a play on the island. The big mountain has stairs to climb which give this amazing view over the park - and then a slide all the way back down!

From the top of the slide we spotted another great wooden play area - this one was an assault course! Again, it was in great condition with a brand-new feel to the area. 

In fact, this seesaw was the only older piece of equipment we came across - not that it stopped us having fun!

There are also some swings hidded just behind the big trees here that we almost missed! 

One thing we couldn't miss was the entertainment from the alpaca field... There is a daily "meet the alpaca" session, but the keepers need to try and catch the three of them first which was rather funny as the they are quick and cunning and had a good game of chase.

Someone who wasn't so tricky to catch was the sheep who thinks she's an alpaca! She happily trotted down the path ahead of us and then roamed the grass while we got to pet the alpaca. 

After exploring all the grounds, we found ourselves back at the yard outside the playbarn. Inside here were some sleepy baby piggies and lots of fluffy bunnies. There are "pat a pet" sessions in the rabbit room with the softest bunnies ever!

We stopped for lunch at the cafe in the play barn. It was a busy day during half term so it took 15 minutes to que up and order our food. The Zebra had a lunch box which we could take to the table with us, but we had to wait another 15 minutes for the sandwitch.
I had a cheese and vegetable crumble, which wasn't much to look at, but was actually really tasty (that's what really matter when it comes to food!)

By the cafe was a room set up for crafts, which is perfect for my arty one. There wad two big tables with lots of great materials and ideas for Spring crafts! It wasn't cold inside, but the Zebra refused to take her coat off...

As it was half term, there was the wonderful Rosie and her face-painting. She was so good with the Zebra, turning her into a fairy princess! 
Rosie is independent to Springfields and you can find her here on Facebook:

We truly had the most fun day at Springfields - apart from the Zebra being unimpressed with my rowing skills! 
We arrived at 10.30am and only left at 4.30pm as lack of naps would have resulted in tantrus if we stayed any longer... There was more than enough to keep us happy and busy all day long, and we look forward to heading back again in the future.

If you would like to find out more or arrange your own visit, please visit Springfields Facebook page or website:

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