Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentine's Day Cards

Love is in the air!! I may be single, but that doesn't stop us spreading a little love (and glitter)!!

Missing from this picture is the heart shaped cookie-cutter to make the glitter shapes! If you don't have one, just cut a heart shape from cardboard to use as a stencil.

We started with our hand and footprints! The Zebra just loves getting her toes painted.

On one piece of card, stamp a foot in the middle of the page - this is for the love bug. 

Using black pen or paint, colour in the heel of the foot to make a head, draw on some feelers and legs, and then decorate the body. If you have googely eyes you can also use them! 

For the word art, have two pieces of paper horizontally. On one do the handprint on the right hand side, on the other use two feet to make a 'V' on the left hand side.

Use glue to mark out a L and a E. Cover in as much glitter as you can! Stick the two pieces together to make Love x

Using the heart cutter or stencil, glue around the outside several times on the piece of card.

Time to bring the glitter out again!

These would all make a great cards for valentines, or even just to have as a pictures! 

Here's hoping you have a lovely day, what ever your plans xx

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