Friday, 12 February 2016

Quack Quack!

One of the Zebra's favourite things right now is to feed the ducks, but with this rubbish weather we aren't able to get out often... So we've decided to bring the ducks inside!

The feathers are optional, the craft works well with just the prints, but we love to glue with "tickle-tickles"!

The Zebra is so good at hand and footprints now, she barely needs any help from mummy...

On one piece of card, print two yellow feet, and then two brown hands on the other. Let them dry before glueing.

Spread a little bit of pva over the body of the duck, then stick on any coloured feathers you want!

To make the Mallard duck, cut out a head and neck shape in green, a beak in orange, and glue down a googely eye...

For the rubber duck, use yellow paint to make a big round head, and then stick on the beak and eyes 

They may not be the real thing, but they are cute enough to do till spring! 

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