Monday, 4 January 2016

Spaghetti Day

Thanks to some random googling last night, I found out today is National Spaghetti Day. I'm not sure which nation this is for, but it seemed a good theme for the Zebra to enjoy!

I had two activities in mind, using just a few basic supplies I'm sure most people would have! I used orange card, but plain paper would work just as well.

To prepare the lion, I drew the basics of a lion face on the card, then, using a sponge brush I made a mane with pva glue. The spaghetti I snapped in half to use as hair.

I showed the Zebra how to stick a piece of spaghetti down, and she had a go but clearly doesn't have the fine motor skills yet. I snapped up the spaghetti until it was all very little bits in the jug, and then let her pour it over the picture! To make them stick, she would pat them down onto the picture. 
To fill in the gaps between pasta, we used gold glitter which worked a treat!

I stuck on some googley eyes to complete the fun spaghetti lion!

To keep her busy while I tidyed up and started tea, I gave her some whole spaghetti sticks and the collinder. She loved fitting them through the holes and it will help improve those fine motor skills!


  1. Your ideas are always so clever I actually had spaghetti that day with little one <3