Friday, 8 January 2016

Bubble Blowing Prints

This was a bit of a fail on all levels if I'm honest! We did get two nice prints but it wasn't worth it.

I think I may have gone wrong with the colouring - I imagine liquid food colouring would work a lot better than dissolving gel in warm water.

It seemed like such an easy idea - food colouring, fairy liquid and water. Blow with a straw to make bubbles...

However, the Zebra was much more interested in playing with the bubbles! Not so great when using super-strong, mega-staining colouring.

She also wanted to blow the bubbles her self. After a quick go and a big mouthful of fairy liquid she soon changed her mind.

We did manage to get some of the paper on the bubbles, but the blue card was no good as it was so shiny the bubbles just ran off.

A great sensory activity...

If you don't mind hands looking like this!!!

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  1. I love the trial and error of toddler crafts <3 cute little hand and love the idea as always girl