Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Thank-You Cards

Living in a digital age, it's so easy to forget about the humble Thank You card.
Personally, I think if they are going to be sent, they need to be done within a few days. With it being such a crazy, busy time of year, I went for a quick but sweet idea.
I simply let the Zebra loose with some new craft supplies she got for Christnas.
First we tried out the pink paint and print blocks. She enjoyed working then out, and also stacking them!
The zebra then asked for the green paint, and we tried some of the big sponge-stopper style brushes. 
We then threw in some yellow for good luck, and a few more brushes.
There was a huge temptation from the Zebra to paint her hands and feet, but I just couldn't face the mess...
Once the paintings had dried, I glued each one inside a thank you card and cut to shape. 
The perfect way to get a toddler to "write" a card, before they can spell 


  1. Cute kid u got there and defntly one to be great tomorrow.... Wonderful picture and post..

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

  2. How clever and cute I adore this idea for my own little thing :)

  3. little bub is sooo cute! :) great post!
    rey emmanuelle | www.modmen.co

  4. A very nice way to get your child involved, and it is a more personal card too.