Saturday, 5 December 2015

Indoor Active, Roche, Cornwall

(Photo from indoor active website) 

Nana is babysitting for the first time so I needed to wear the Zebra out in the hopes she goes to bed easily tonight! 
We have been to Indoor Active a few times now and always have fun, so we headed over after her afternoon nap.
If you live in Cornwall take two forms of ID with you to get your locals card - it's free and will give you 20% off entry and 15% off food and drink.
Also make sure you log your registration number to get the free extended parking.
As the soft play centre works with the food outlets in the service station, they have a great range of drinks, snacks and meals. The down side is if you just want a drink carton it can take a while for the order to be brought over. 
Also, there is only baby change facilities - if you need the loo you need to leave Indoor Active and use the service station toilets. 
Once we were fed and watered it was time to play! The soft play is spread over several stories that get very high. The top part is certainly not great for anyone with a fear of heights! 
There are lots of different play pieces with a big slide running through the middle. It's a great, fast slide but is awful for giving skin burns so wear socks and keep arms in...
The centre is suitable for all ages. Although the the Zebra is only 18months so is able to get around most of the site.
Other parts she needs a bit of help with! 
Next to the soft play is the "clip and climb" room. It looks amazing! You can see the climbing walls from all the different levels and it's safe to say there are a lot of fearless kids out there! No one was climbing today unfortunately. 
It wasn't just the climbing that was quiet, we had most of the soft play to ourselves. We usually go early or mid afternoon and it is never busy, which is lovely! 
On the ground level is a smaller area for younger children and babies. 
This is where they hide the best bit - the ball pool!! 
A very tired Zebra ended her visit with a yummy cookie, which she wasn't too keen on sharing with mummy! 
We would always recommend Indoor Active as a fan soft play for any age 

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