Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cotton Wool Snowman

We are finally home after a week staying at Nana's while the boiler was replaced... But that's the end of our good luck as we are housebound with the Chicken Pox!! The Zebra is very spotty, itchy and miserable - At least I have lots of craft ideas to distract her and pass the time 
I wanted to start with something simple in case she didn't feel up to much. Mr Snowman only needs basic supplies and pretty minimal preparation 
In fact, the only prep needed was cutting one plate slightly smaller than the other 
I let the Zebra loose with a pile of cotton wool balls, some glue to "dip-dip", and the plates.
Once the Zebra had used up all the wool, she decided that was enough for this morning and she would much rather just watch me from her box! 
I bent some pipe cleaners to make the arms. Using scissors, I made two holes in the body, stuck them through and secured on the back with sellotape.
For decorations, I used some googley eyes and a feather for his nose. Mouth and buttons were made from small black pom-poms. His scarf is some old ribbon and makes it look neater where his head is glued on.
The Zebra was quite happy with her finished snowman! 

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